Riding doubles in style

quick l.a. summary
March 17, 2010, 7:03 am
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no pics right now, just a short update on how the team did in l.a.Fuckers first! Round got first place in the openopenopen and third in the variated open. I got first place in the non variated open! the 50cc moby bike was the fastest thing on the track all weekend long, until the cdi box burned out late saturday night. so no racing for elliot on sunday. we did make a great discovery though. mvt sucks! they don’t auto retard. they fire at top and bottom and at high rpm they restrict themselves. we test three different bikes all with mvt and they all had the same problems. erratic spark placement and firing twice per stroke. time for hpi mr. motobecane!


Another perspective
March 7, 2010, 10:10 am
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sometimes you have to risk everything just to say you tried. I give you 50cc of pure power.

we thought it best to build multiple engines for our bike. seeing as we have the means to do so. So we went ahead and built potentially the fastest moby engine conceivable with the parts available. we now have a bike that takes mob, peugeot or variated puch engines. it also takes moby or peugeot pipes too. here’s the setup:

– Polini cases(to be upgraded to mykitech if the engine seems raceable.

-Malossi G2 50cc cylinder. water cooler. perfect.

-v-force reeds


-mvt premium cdi

-super crank

-mikuni 24 (will be upped to 30mm oko with mykitech cases.)

This engine could very well suck. which is why we havn’t scrapped the a-5 just yet. It will be a tuning nightmare for sure. But the one thing i’m certain of, is that it has more potential then any other moped cylinder available. higher rpm’s. more hp. lower running temps. so perfect. having a clutch that dosn’t grab until 8000 helps too.

some transfer porting. this shape may change after testing.

it will be running by tuesday. hopefully it’s a self tuner.

In pooch news, on my way to the warehouse yesturday, my left clip on snapped at the weld. nothing bad happened, but it was deffinettly scary. i have since upgraded to some sweet lowrise bars. i love blasting while sitting comfortably.

I started trying to fix up the ketchup and mustard moby the other day for fun. while i had the top end off i snapped some pics. here’s a bidalot G1 cylinder. pretty tech.

i will probably not be able to post until after next weekend. i’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and video’s though. see you in L.A.

Long days, Longer nights.
February 28, 2010, 10:12 am
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woo! this week has been a flurry of activity. here’s a quick recap.

we managed to explode our race bike(a-5) 2 or 3 times last week. then we got it running. then it ripped the engine off of the bike(literally)  but now, finally, everything is working properly. variates fully. the engine is very secure.  The clutch grabs. we’re not blowing pistons every 30 seconds.  woot. next up is tuning the tranny and carb. Lee-o-matic’s other race bike(rounds moby) is almost ready to run. both bikes’ disc brake setup’s are almost complete aswell.  I think we may actually be ready for the first race after all.

i forgot to snap a pic of the newest engine. so this will have to do.

Today kevin rose came by the shop to pick up his chrome maxi i built for him. i brought it outside and showed him the ropes. but as he rode it up the street it sounded really sad and horrible. after frantically freaking out for a few minutes i pulled the magneto and saw it had sheared the woodruff slot on the cam.  after slapping on a new mag, it started right up and proceeded to rip up and down the alley. i made sure to get a few last wheelies in before officially handing it over to the owner.

Flynn sold his stock tomos on craigslist. yay! soon maybe he’ll have a bike that can do pop-a-wheelies!

Tommy likes soda. and redbull? sure.


I recently aquired a set of NOS peugeot six star wheels for the poochabacane project aswell. special thanks to this man for making it happen.

moto matic’s newest race creation came into the shop for repairs too.
I spent most of my day today getting my bike in “race mode” for the LA rally races. I rebuilt my ktm clutch setup and actually got it perf this time with lee’s help. i forgot just how sweet this thing is.  it’s way to loud for riding around the city though. so i popped my stock clutch back in till the races.

after i finished that, i helped lee mount up his new pipe to his magnum. i should also mention that he put the sweetest engine ever on it today. 80cc manual 3speed awesomeness. i haven’t seen him that stoked in a while

still pedals!

i’m deffinettly gonna be catching some video of the race bikes when they’re running well. so stay tuned.

A monster was born…
February 22, 2010, 6:46 am
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Every week me and lee buckle down once or twice a week and stay late to work on the teams race bikes. here are some pics from a few weeks ago. A5 V.1

the newest incarnation of the E-5. The A-5!

tomos a55 case, puch top crank. za50 seals, motobecane variotop, puch polini kit, metra head. everything is used except bearings seals and vario. maybe we can get a new polini before race season? hopefully, as this one is most definetly on it’s last leg.

the only changes to the rest of the bike from last season will be minimal. EBR hydro forks. cr80 disk brake hub laced to gold awesome rim. so our bike will actually be able to stop this year. sebac rear shocks. trac fairing? idk what it is but lee and elliot like it alot.

you can also notice our clutch pulley in this pic. it is the mykitech clutch pulley that is about to drop on the market. we are running the stiffest red springs in it. these are super high quality and are definitely for race. 10,000 rpm engagement at minimal setting. ridiculous for sure.

and some ports. pretty cool eh?

sorry about the iphone pics. i’ll bring my camera next race night!

This engine is by far the scariest engine I’ve ever had to tune. If the jetting is to rich the bike doesn’t move. to lean? polini destruction. just right though? time travel may occur. hopefully tomorrow i can tune it up and take a vid.

…and I’ll leave you all with one of  my favorite pictures from last race. get down boy, go ahead, get down.

the beginning of the end.
February 22, 2010, 4:37 am
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Finally, i have maned up, and made a blog to document the weird and wild world of building toys for a living. This blog will hopefully give everyone some insight on what it’s like to work at a moped shop. It will also be a place for me to catalog one of my current projects, the poochabacane. For race? absolutely not! for dubs rally blasting? yes! i will also keep everyone in the loop on the ups and downs of the team lee-0-matic/1977 mopeds race team and bikes.